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Marion Thompson

The following obituary to Marion Thompson appeared in the North Renfrew Times:

THOMPSON, Marion Ann

March 3, 1952-March 11, 2023

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Marion Ann Thompson, age 71, who peacefully departed this world in the early morning hours of Saturday March 11 at her home in Deep River, Ontario.

Daughter of the late Pat and Helen Thompson (nee Goodwin) of Deep River. Beloved mother of Sean Thomas and his wife Diana Thomas and cherished grandmother of Graeme Thomas and Abigail Thomas of Cambridge, Ontario. Treasured sister of Patrick Thompson and wife Darlene Thompson of Whitehorse, Yukon and the late Judith Thompson and husband Garry Laderoute of Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

Marion will be greatly missed by lifelong friends and family members alike. Cherished auntie of Tracey Bergermann, Christie Thompson and Julie Laderoute-Khosravi. Great aunt to Mackenzie and Mikaela Ladouceur and Nahum Khosravi. Predeceased by nephew Chad Thompson.

Marion also leaves behind cherished memories with her local cousins, the du Manoirs, Ann, Elizabeth, Mike and Peter (predeceased) and their families who she had close ties to. She will also be missed by Thompson family members from all across Canada. Marion leaves behind many family members and friends who truly love and esteem her. Marion was a devoted friend and will be greatly missed by all that knew her.

Marion is leaving a beautiful legacy of dedication and commitment to her community.

Born and raised in Deep River, Marion went on to a fulfilling career in administration at the Deep River and District Hospital. In retirement, she delved deeply into her community clubs, committees and gardening projects. Her presence will be greatly missed by the members of all the organizations she helped. She was the longest standing Board of Directors member of the North Renfrew Family Services, long-time executive member of the Deep River Horticultural Society, Royal Canadian Legion Deep River Branch executive member, member of the Deep River Players and Deep River Musical Society, member of the Deep River Seniors club and the list of her service goes on. Marion was a force and will be remembered by family, friends, colleagues, and club members of whose lives she deeply touched.

We mourn the loss of an individual whose unwavering commitment to community and passion for service inspired us all.

Visitation and Service will be at Valley Funeral Home, 33337 Hwy 17, Deep River, ON

Visitations: Saturday March 18, 2023 2-4PM and 7-9PM Service: Sunday March 19, 2023 2PM

Followed by Light Reception at Royal Canadian Legion Deep River Branch 436, 50 McElligott Dr, Deep River, ON.

In memoriam donations may be forwarded to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides or North Renfrew Family Services.

A Poem for Marion

My name's Anne Davies, I'm a Deep Riverite,
Sharing thoughts in Seuss rhythm seems to be my plight,
Usually after shows or for birthdays or retirements I try.
To wrestle some rhyme words to remember it by

Marion loved these little ditties, tho they are nothing great
Her eyes twinkling she'd whisper "did you write one? I can't wait"
So this one's for you, girl, For Marion, a poem
To remember and honour my friend who's gone home

Marion loved music and how she could dance
Especially if the music was played by Joe Lance
She was a groupie, maybe their biggest fan
Requesting Mustang Sally whenever she can

Marion was thoughtful, full of kindness and charm
If you asked for a hand, she would give you an arm
Always willing to help, the first to say YES
And the last to leave after cleaning up after the rest
(Maybe because I was driving her home?)

An amazing green thumb, she loved plants and flowers
Transplanting and weeding, she spent many hours
Sharing her passion for all things that grow
With kids, other gardeners and pretty much everyone she knows

I remember one day I was picking up plants (hostas)
At Marion's house as it happens, by chance
But she didn't answer my knock, was no where to be found
Then I saw Marion lying on the ground

Marion did you fall? Are you ok, are you hurt?
She laughed no no I'm just weeding and kept digging in the dirt
That was Marion, walking or reclining to the beat of her own drum
Unflinching, finding ways to do what she wanted to get done

Marion co-produced all 5? Of Phyllis's shows,
She had strong ideas of how all things theatrical should go
Welcome, this show is scent free was her favorite intro rant
No perfumes, no BO, so wear deodorant

Always backstage and by the audience unseen
Except for a cameo when she WAS the Queen
A soft wispy voice, so girly and sweet
Could flip in a blink to a teddy bear with teeth.

If she saw injustice or rules disobeyed
She was fierce, fearless and vocal until the miscreant caved
A kind gentle woman who was never coarse
Could tear you a strip - whah - she was a FORCE!

Every year if the Players had money to spare
Marion made sure Family Services and DRH each got their share
A sister, MUM, cousin, neighbour, grandma, and friend
Marion made and nurtured deep connections, right to the end

Her cards are now treasures, her words are more dear
Because far too soon, she was taken from all of us here
Marion leaves a big hole in our community and lives
But I know that her legacy of love will survive

Because what I felt when I first met her, right from the start
That the biggest thing about Marion is her beautiful heart.

So look around this room at her family and friends
The echo of Marion's life does not end
She lives on in our memories, in plants that she's shared
And the myriad of ways that she showed that she cared

She hands us the ends of the threads that she wove
Into the tapestry of her life with the folks she’s loved
Marion, my friend, I carry all that with me
So whenever needed I can ask WWMD?

May your garden bloom in splendor
A safe roof o'er your head
And may you be in heaven half an hour
Afore the devil knows you're dead.

Fare thee well my Love.