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A Rehearsal for Murder

February 29, March 1-2, 2024

Written by Lori Gilbert
Directed by Sandra Celovsky and Mac Jones

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Don't miss "Toys, Trains, and Textiles" Feb 3-4 at St. Barnabas!

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About the Show...

You are whisked behind the scenes as rehearsals get underway for yet another Deep River Players production!

Things seem to go pretty much as normal (almost) ...

and then ... MURDER!

Lots of motives, lots of suspects — you have a chance to guess 'whodunnit', while enjoying a fabulous meal from
Maven Catering and Sweetened by Shelly

...all on one ticket!

Meet the Playwright!

Lori Gilbert grew up in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, a small town on the rugged shores of the Bay of Fundy; an area steeped in local lore, and where the art of spinning a good yarn is treasured.

After living in Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, and Rideau Lakes, Lori arrived in Deep River in 2015 where she quickly found plenty of interesting clubs and groups to join, including, Writers Unite, Beating Around The Bush book club, and the Deep River Players. Her Nova Scotian, story-telling tradition followed her over the years, across 1000's of kms, offering fodder for an expanding passion for writing and sharing her work. From journalling her travels and life's adventures, to writing short stories, poetry, and plays, Lori is intrigued by all literary forms.

A Rehearsal for Murder is Lori's second stage production presented by Deep River Players. Her first was Clothesline (2018), which she co-wrote with Sarah Adams.

Lori is a passionate Whistle Stopper which combined with her nearly 6 decades of gathering tales has culminated in A Rehearsal for Murder.

Enjoy the show and remember, any similarity between characters in the play and, say, you ... is strictly coincidental.